Nirvana Quartz is Free Fusions' interpretation of the fusion between Sapphire and Rose Quartz.

Nickname: The Princess


Nirvana Quartz has peach skin and cream colored hair. Her hair is similar to Rose's, but it is more fluffy and slightly spiky. She has an up-turned nose, full and colored lips, and three eyes that are colored brown. She wears a dress similar to Rose's, but with the gloves, shoulder sleeves and fabric flaps of Sapphire's


Nirvana Quartz is always gentle and helpful to others, rarely letting a negative thought pass through her head. [1]


Nirvana Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.


  • Shield Proficiency: Nirvana Quartz and summon and use Rose's shield, which she can coat in ice to add additional damage.

Unique Abilities

  • Frost Paralysis: Nirvana Quartz combines Sapphire's cryokinesis with Rose's healing, freezing an enemy or an ally in place under a minuscule layer of ice, preventing them from moving, aging, or letting a medical condition worsen.


Nirvana Quartz real
Gemstone Information
  • Nirvana Quartz is a variety of quartz that was only discovered in 2006 when the Himalayan glaciers began to recede due to global warming.
  • This type of crystal is also known as ice quartz, as many of the pieces have strange shaped forms and resemble pieces of ice.
  • They are very high vibration crystals with strong metaphysical properties which help you to move towards that state that is known as enlightenment.
  • They have a pleasing vibration, that helps you to make a strong connection with the loving energy of the heart. They are excellent to use in meditation, to aid you to create a deeper spiritual connection, that will move your spiritual growth forward in a profound way