Ruby Quartz is Free Fusions' interpretation of the fusion of Jasper and Rose Quartz.




Though very unstable, this fusion is united by its fierce attitude and skill on the battlefield. Though rarely able to stay formed for long, Ruby Quartz is skilled with her gladiator helmet that places Rose’s shield onto Jasper’s crash helmet for the perfect combo of defense and offense.[1]


Ruby Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.



Gemstone Informatiom

  • Ruby Quartz is an excellent stone for recharging your energy levels, and it may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured.
  • Its striking color is analogous of its energy, which is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and sexual energy.
    • As well this lovely red crystal may assist you to overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new love.
  • This is a very much a heart centered stone, and it epitomizes the Divine love of the Creator. It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, of all sorts.


Image Description
RQ rose
Rose Quartz's gemstone is located on her navel. It is a circular gemstone with a pentagonal facet.

RQ jasper
Jasper's gemstone is located where her nose otherwise would be. It is triangular, and faceted onto a low point. It also resembles a tetrahedron.



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